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Loading a Project

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Entering Form Data on an Android Device



Now that you have assigned a GPS location and added a photo to your new entry you are ready to enter the form data for your new entry.







To start entering form data tap the '3. Tap to enter form data' button from the main data entry page (as in the image to the left).







You will now see a series of form elements of the format described here .

For text input and long text boxes simply click the screen within the box to enter data using either the touchscreen keyboard or slide-out keyboard on your phone.

For Select One form elements (drop-down lists) tap the drop-down arrow and a list of choices will be displayed - simply select the appropriate choice.

For Select Multiple (or check boxes) tap the choices you wish to enter.




You can tap and drag the screen to scroll down through a form and for projects where a form contains more than 5 form elements, multiple form entry pages will be present. At the top of the screen a 'previous' and 'next' button will be present along with an indication of the current page being viewed.

Once you have completed the form you should tap the 'Confirm' button to save the data for your new entry (as left).







After clicking 'Confirm' you will be returned to the main data entry page. You have now completed a new entry and should click 'Store Record' to save your new entry to the phone's database (as left).


Note: If you have not completed the form correctly, or have not entered a value where a form element is 'required' you will receive a warning at this point and can go back and fill in the fields correctly where neccessary.






Once you have stored your new entry a popup will appear with three choices:

List/Synch Entries

New Entry

Return to Entry

You are encouraged to synchronise your data now, but of course you can collect many entries and synchronise at any time. However,for demonstration, tap 'List/Synch Entries' and we will walk through how to synchronise the data you have just entered with the demo project website.


We will now list the entries for a project and synchronise your data with the project website.

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