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Listing Entries on an Android Device



Within EpiCollect you can list all the entries you have collected and can go back and amend or update any previously collected entries (this is only possible for entries that are stored on the phone and have not yet been synchronised with the project website).







From the homescreen, tap the 'List Entries' button (as left).





All the entries you have collected for the project you have chosen will be listed.

For each entry three pieces of information are listed.

The first is the ID of the entry as described in the 'Adding a new Entry' documentation. This is a unique ID assigned to each entry for a project.

The second will contain either 'N' or 'Y' This indicates whether the entry has been synchronised with the project website. 'N' indicates the entry is solely located on the phone and 'Y' indicates that the entry has successfully been synchronised with the project website.

Then the title of the entry is recorded. The title for the demoproject is the name field as seen in the screenshot.



















Tapping on any entry allows you to view all that entries details as in the screenshots to the left. You can use the 'back' button on your handset to return to the list entries screen or by pressing the menu button on your handset.

Please note the text on each of the buttons has updated to reflect the current entry status.



Now we are ready to synchronise data with the central project website. You can synchronise data at anytime. However, in order to do so you do need to be connected to either a mobile data network (eg 2G/3G/4G or a wireless network). Once again, collecting entries with EpiCollect DOES NOT require network connectivity but synchronising data does. This means that you could collect data in more remote areas where there is no mobile data coverage and when you return to an area that does have connectivity you can then synchronise.

We will next walk through how to synchronise entries (ie send a copy of your data to the central project website).

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