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Loading a Project

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Loading a Project on an Android Device






To download EpiCollect for Android for free, visit the Android Market on your phone and search for 'EpiCollect'.

Alternatively, you can scan the QR code on the right with a barcode-scanning app on your Android Device.



Once you have installed EpiCollect, open up the App and you will see the Homescreen.




The Homescreen contains a number of options.

When you first install EpiCollect on your phone, the demoproject is pre-loaded, and you can start collecting data straightaway. The homepage URL for a specific project is listed towards the lower half of the screen, and if you visit this URL on your computer you will be able to see all data collected for that particular project.

However, if you have created your own project, or you are collecting for another project, you will need to load your (or somebody else's) project onto the phone.

You can load multiple projects onto the same phone and collect and submit data to multiple projects using the same handset and the procedure for loading further projects is the same each time.


NOTE: To load a Project onto your device you will need to be connected to either a mobile data network (e.g. 3G) or to a wireless network









To load a new project, click the menu button on your phone and select 'Load Project'.







The Load Project dialogue box will appear - now enter the name of the project you wish to load. In this case we will enter the a dummy project to show you the process but you would replace 'mynewproject' with the name of the project you wish to load.




















You will see a 'Loading Project' message until the project has loaded. Once complete a message will appear indicating that the project has loaded successfully and on tapping 'OK' you will be returned to the Homescreen, and the name of the project you have loaded will be displayed in the 'Select Project' dropdown. Note also that the 'Project URL' has been updated to reflect the project homepage for the newly loaded project.

If for any reason the project does not load successfully, firstly make sure that you are connected to either a mobile data network or a wireless network (a simple way to do this is to open the web browser on your phone and see if you can successfully load a webpage). Now try again.

Changing Projects

You can load and use multiple projects from the same handset and switching between them is a case of clicking and choosing from the 'Select Project' list as in the following screenshots:



















Again, note that the project homepage URL has been updated.


You are now ready to start collecting data entries.