Creating a Project

Designing a Form
Form Elements
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Form Builder
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Loading a Project

Adding a New Entry
  Using GPS
  Adding a Photo
  Entering Form data

Listing Entries

Synchronising Entries

View Entries on Map
  Local Entries
  Remote Entries

Filtering Entries


Loading a Project

Adding a New Entry

Listing Entries

Synchronising Entries

View Entries on Map



Project Website

Viewing Data

Mapping Interface
  Data Points
  Chart View

Filtering Data

TIme Slider

Chat Panel

Google Earth


Frequently Asked Questions

For the new version Epicollect5 click here

If you have any further questions or would like to see the FAQ updated please contact us.


What is EpiCollect? provides an intuitive web application for the generation of mobile dat collection projects. You can setup your own project and design a form for data collection. The project can then be loaded into the EpiCollect mobile application on suitable phones (Android or iPhone). Data recorded on the phones (linked to photos and GPS) can then be synchronised with your project website and data viewed either at the website or on your phones.

What phones can I use?

The EpiCollect mobile application is available on any phone running the Android operating system and also the iPhone. For a list of handsets please click the Handsets link at the top of this pages.

Is it really free?

Yes, we are an open-source project. EpiCollect has been developed at the Department of Infectious Disease Epidemiology, Imperial College London and development has been fully funded by The Wellcome Trust.

Where is data stored?

Data collected on the phones is stored on the phones internal database until synchronised with the central project website. At the website, and for projects created at, data is stored on Google's AppEngine - a free and open repository for storing data.

Can I send data from the phones to my own server?

Yes, we have built the EpiCollect apps to be able to send data to any server. You will need to have a web server with a database setup and scripts in place to accept (and return) data. For further instructions click the Developers link at the top of this pages.

Can I collect data in remote areas, for example where I don't have mobile network access?

Yes. The EpiCollect mobile application DOES NOT require mobile network access for data collection. You can collect entries, use the GPS and camera in remote areas and synchronise data when you do return to an area that has mobile network coverage or when connected to a wireless network.

What about battery life on the phones if I am collecting data in remote areas?

This is obviously handset specific and the battery life between different handsets does vary. One simple solution which we have found to be effective, is to use solar power backpacks (e.g. Click here) or wind up chargers (e.g. Click here)These do offer an alternative for projects where longer periods will be spent in more remote areas.

Is there a limit on the number of projects I can set up?

No (within reason of course!) and as long as projects setup are not abusive, offensive or contain any illegal data for which we cannot be held responsible.

Can I get involved?

Yes, If you are interested in helping with further development of EpiCollect please contact us. Again, we are an open source project and will be developing the tools further. We also encourage users with more complex projects to contact us.