Creating a Project

Designing a Form
Form Elements
  Text Field
  Long Text
  Select One
  Select Multiple

Form Builder
  Text Field
  Long Text
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Loading a Project

Adding a New Entry
  Using GPS
  Adding a Photo
  Entering Form data

Listing Entries

Synchronising Entries

View Entries on Map
  Local Entries
  Remote Entries

Filtering Entries


Loading a Project

Adding a New Entry

Listing Entries

Synchronising Entries

View Entries on Map



Project Website

Viewing Data

Mapping Interface
  Data Points
  Chart View

Filtering Data

TIme Slider

Chat Panel

Google Earth



The EpiCollect mobile application is currently available for the Android and iPhone Operating Systems. Any phone model that currently runs Android should run EpiCollect. However, we recommend that at least Android version 1.6 is running on your phone.

We have tested EpiCollect on the following handsets and will update the list as and when we can:


T-mobile G1  
Developer G1  
HTC Hero **  
HTC Pulse  
HTC Desire  
HTC Legend  
HTC Evo 4G  
HTC Wildfire  
Google Nexus One  
Samsung Galaxy  
Sony Ericcson Xperia X10 (and mini)  
Motorola Droid (Milestone outside US)  
Motorola CliQ  
Motorola Backflip  
Dell Streak  


iPhone 3G  
iPhone 3GS  
iPhone 4  
iPod Touch ***  

***The iPod Touch does not include a camera or GPS. However, location data can be acquired using assisted GPS (via wireless networks) but this inaccuracy should be noted


**There are known issues with the HTC Hero Camera that on occasion causes EpiCollect to crash. We are working on amending this.

We rely on user feedback for improvement and error checking. If you do spot any errors when using a particular handset PLEASE let us know and we will make every effort to update software (and these pages) accordingly. Also, please let us know if you have used EpiCollect with any other handsets and if all was OK. Thanks.

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