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Creating a Project



Once you have decided on the kind of project you wish to undertake, the first step is to give your project a name.

Your project name will be used within the web address assigned to your project so should be relatively short and must contain only lowercase alpha-numeric characters (and no spaces).

For example 'localwildlife' would be a good project name, but 'Local Wildlife', containing a space and capitalisation, would not be accepted.


  • To create a project you start by clicking 'Create Project' from the menu at the top of the page.
  • Enter your chosen project name into the textbox and click 'Create'

The name of your project will be checked against all others to make sure that it is unique, and if so, your project homepage will be created.

  • You will be presented with a unique URL (web address) which will act as your Project homepage from now on.

Your project web address will be in the format:

where 'myproject' is the name you have given to your project.




After clicking 'Create' your project website is produced (as in the screenshot directly above).You will be able to amend the look of your homepage by uploading an image and some explanatory text (which we shall detail in the instructions section 'Customising') but first you should create a form for data collection.

To design a form for your project , click the 'Create/Edit Project Form' link.

We use Google's free data hosting service AppEngine (*click here for further details) for hosting project specific websites and data. As a consequence, and so that you can be sure that you and only you will be able to create/amend your form, we use Google Mail for Authentication (see below). Once logged in, your email address will be used to assign you as the 'project administrator'


Google Mail Authentication

To provide security so that only you can amend your project website and form we use Google Mail Authentication. This means you need to have a Google Mail account and login to allow you to build your form.

Each time you want to amend your form or project website you will need to login.

We have implemented this facility so that you can be sure your form and website will not be amended by anyone other than yourself.

If you do not have a Google Mail account you can create one easily and for free by clicking the following logo



You are now ready to design your form.


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