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Synchronising Entries on an iPhone


Within EpiCollect you can list all the entries you have collected and go back and amend or update any previously collected entries (only those that have not been synchronised with the central server - see later..)






From the List Entries screen (as previous) to synchronise data with the central project website, tap the 'Sync' button in the top right of the screen.

It is important to note that 'Sync' only uploads the current contents of the entries list, and only if they have not yet been uploaded.

NOTE: Just to reiterate, to synchronise data you need to be connected to either a mobile data network (3G etc) or a wireless network.


Listing Entries after Synchronising





Providing you have 3G signal or are connected to a wireless network, your local entries will be sent to the central project website and when complete this will be indicated in two ways:


'Sync complete' will be seen at the top of the screen.

The 'Not Synchronised' message under your entry will now not be there.

When synchronising, all entries from your phone (local) are sent to the central server. At the same time, entries that other people have submitted to the project website (remote entries) are also downloaded to your phone.

Within the List Entries screen (and following synchronisisng as above) the buttons at the bottom of the screren allow you to view either:

  • Local - ie entries from your handset
  • External - ie entries others have sent to the project which have now been loaded onto your handset
  • All - ie a list of all Local and External entries.

Local Entries












External Entries












You can click on any entry to view details.


Prior to detailing functionality available at the central project website, we will detail the inbuilt mapping functionalities within the EpiCollect app that allow you to explore your and others data directly on your phone.


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