Creating a Project

Designing a Form
Form Elements
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  Select One
  Select Multiple

Form Builder
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Loading a Project

Adding a New Entry
  Using GPS
  Adding a Photo
  Entering Form data

Listing Entries

Synchronising Entries

View Entries on Map
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  Remote Entries

Filtering Entries


Loading a Project

Adding a New Entry

Listing Entries

Synchronising Entries

View Entries on Map



Project Website

Viewing Data

Mapping Interface
  Data Points
  Chart View

Filtering Data

TIme Slider

Chat Panel

Google Earth

Customising - Project Website


At the website for a particular project, the data collected can be viewed as plain text or viewed using the mapping interface, which includes a number of options for exploring data synchronised (a copy sent from the phones). The data can also be downloaded.


Logging in

If you are the owner of a project (ie you created the project initially) you can log in (using your Google Mail account) and change the look of a homepage (add an image and / or some brief explanatory text regarding a specific project) and also amend or change the form associated with a project . However, the public view allows only the downloading of data and the ability to view and filter the data using the mapping interface.

As mentioned in the 'Creating a project' documentation, the URL for a particular project will be in the format :

where 'myproject' is the name of the particular project you are viewing.

We will describe in this part of the documentation the 'demoproject' we set up within the 'Form Builder' documentation. We have added 50 random points to this project for demonstration purposes (although of course by now there are many more and you can submit points yourself!).



The form we designed contained the following questions:

Q1. What is your name / nickname?

Q2. Male or Female?

Q3. What is your age?

Q4. Which search engine do you most often use?

Q5. Which social networking sites do you use?

You can access the homepage for this project at the following URL:

When loading the homepage you will see the following:



The project homepage contains a number of options below the explanatory text:

  • Browse Project Data
  • Show Data on Map
  • Login to update project. ( Only available for a project owner ).
  • A link to view the Projects Form Definition in XML.

Firstly, we will run through Viewing (Browsing and/or downloading) the Project Data.