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Setting an input as the 'title' for an entry


Within the EpiCollect+ mobile app, it is often neccessary to refer to a particular entity, or to list all entries you have collected in tabular form. When doing this, you can specify a particular field as a 'title' which is displayed as a reference to an entry. For example, you may have a ten question form and have completed 15 entries. It would not be appropriate within the confines of a mobile devices screen to list all the data values for all entries in a summary table.

If you define one of your fields as a 'title' the data entered for this field will be displayed in the summary table.



<input ref="Schoolname" title="true"> 

    <label>What is the school name?</label> 


The title="" attribute specifies that the data entered into this field will be displayed when listing details for this form and when referring to partivular entries within the mobile app.

As an example, the above input may be one of 10 within a form. Following data entry for multiple entries on the mobile device, when listing entries the view would be similar to the screenshot on the right, where the names of schools are those entered by a user.

The list entries screen (see here) contains two columns. The first (which in the screenshot contains 'N') indicates the synchronisation state of an entry (N indicates the entry has not been synchronised). The second column contains the contents of the field you have set as title="true"


Note: We recommend only setting ONE field within a form as 'title'. You can set more than one and they are concatenated when displayed within the list entries screen but the key is to be succint, otherwise there can be too much text displayed.